M3 Rock Festival

Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD

July 2 – 4, 2021

Coverage: Joe Schaeffer

M3: Day 2 

Eight bands were on tap for Day Two. It was kicked off in fine fashion with Enuff Z’Nuff opening their set with “Magical Mystery Tour”. 

Hurricane were next and capped off their set with their 1988 hit “I’m On to You”. 

BulletBoys and Steelheart were both easily a favorite of the still arriving crowd. Marq Torien and Miljenko Matijevic led their respective bands through hit filled sets. 

The (Still) Original BulletBoys brought a ton of energy to the stage while Steelheart bookended their set with “Blood Pollution” and “We All Die Young” from the “Rockstar” movie soundtrack.

Adler performed an array of Guns ‘n Roses classics sprinkled in with a few new songs featuring singer Ari Kamen. 

The early evening began with Winger and along with Accept who followed and performed blistering non-stop sets. 

Winger culled songs from their many years of chart toppers.

Accept, who many mentioned as one of the best bands of the weekend, wrapped up their set with the ever popular “Balls to the Wall” to the delight of the crowd.  

Queensryche closed out the evening with an amazing set which was a just reward for those patient enough to make it through an amazing 2nd day of music. 

That Metal Show Reunion with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine

Enuff Z’Nuff

Chip Z’Nuff  – vocals, bass

Tory Stoffregen – lead guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals

Tony Fennelle – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocal

Daniel B. Hill – drums

Enuff Z’Nuff at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist



Robert Sarzo – lead guitar, backing vocals

Tony Cavazo – bass guitar, backing vocals

Mike Hansen – drums 

 Dan Schumann – lead vocals 

Hurricane at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist



Marq Torien – vocals, guitar, bass, congas

Mick Sweda – guitar, backing vocals

Lonnie Vencent – bass, backing vocals

Jimmy D’Anda – drums, percussion, backing vocals

BulletBoys at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist



Miljenko Matijevic – lead vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar

Joe Pessia – lead guitar

Marten Andersson – bass

Mike Humbert – drums, percussion

Steelheart at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist


Steven Adler

Steven Adler – drums

Ariel Kamin – vocals 

Michael Thomas – lead guitar

Alistair James – rhythm guitar

Tanya O’Callaghan – bass

Steven Adler at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist



Kip Winger – lead vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar

Reb Beach – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

John Roth – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards

Paul Taylor – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocal

Rod Morgenstein – drums, percussion, backing vocal


Winger at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist


Wolf Hoffmann – lead guitar, backing vocals

Mark Tornillo – lead vocals

Christopher Williams – drums

Martin Motnik – bass

Philip Shouse – rhythm guitar


Accept at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist


Todd La Torre – lead vocals 

Michael Wilton – lead guitar 

Eddie Jackson – bass, backing vocals

Casey Grillo – drums

Mike Stone – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals


Queensrÿche at M3 Rock Festival 2021 Setlist


M3: Day 1 Coverage

M3: Day 3 Coverage