Michael Schenker’s 50th Anniversary Tour

w/ Special Guest Eric Martin (The voice of Mr. Big)

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The Saban Theater – Beverly Hills, CA

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

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Eric Martin

Eric Martin (billed as “The Voice Of Mr. Big) delivered a short, but fun set of Mr. Big tunes that acted as a very nice and familiar start to the evening for the Saban Theater crowd. 

Even though this was mainly an acoustic set, the chosen songs packed enough “oomph” with the band of Paul Pesco (guitar), Jason Hartless (drums) and man about town, P.J. Farley (bass) making it seem like more of an “electrified” performance. (I last saw P.J. a few months back handling the low end duties on tour with Fozzy).  Always a joy to watch P.J. kill it no matter which band he’s with.

Eric Martin’s voice sounded great belting out some of the Mr. Big classics, like “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy“, “Alive and Kickin‘” and of course “To Be With You“. It was also a treat to hear “Take Cover” which was dedicated to Mr. Big’s late, great drummer, Pat Torpey.

The short set was closed out with a bluesy rendition of “Dancin’ With My Devils“.


The 50 Year Anniversary of German Guitar God, Michael Schenker’s contributions to the world of Rock is upon us. To celebrate, Schenker’s put together a killer band to unleash a selection of some of his greatest songs.

The MSG Band these days consists of rhythm guitarist, Steve Mann, bassist Barend Courbois, drummer Bodo Schopf and singer Ronnie Romero

Ronnie Romero was thrust into the spotlight when he was named as Richie Blackmore’s new singer in the 2015 version of Rainbow. Well the U.S. audiences finally get to see what the Europeans got to witness that was so special about this choice.  Ronnie is a total rockstar. Amazing vocals and great stage presence.  Romero is the total package.

The band is really great, but let’s be clear, the crowd was here to witness the incredible guitar work and history of Michael Schenker. In a set that was almost 50/50 split between MSG and U.F.O. songs, the audience had plenty to roar about.

Making his way to the stage Schenker was adorned in, what seems to be his attire of choice these days, a Cossack hat with sunglass (on the hat). Straight out of the gates, the band launched MSG’s “Into The Arena“.  It wasn’t too long before the Saban crowd were making their way to the front of the stage to thrust their cell phones in the air to capture every note flying from Michael’s Flying V. After the opening instrumental, Ronnie came to the stage for “Cry for The Nations” and then a huge roar as Schenker ripped into U.F.O.’s “Doctor Doctor“.

Entwined among the classics were a few from MSG’s lates release, “Universal” including “Emergency” and the tribute to Ronnie James Dio, “A King Has Gone“. The last half of the set after the great “Armed and Ready” were all U.F.O. classics kicking off with a killer extended solo version of “Rock Bottom” that had everyone shouting out the chorus.

The Schenker U.F.O. era songs were clearly the draw for this crowd that kept in fine voice through “Shoot Shoot“, “Let It Roll“, “Natural Thing“, “Too Hot To Handle” and set closer, “Only You Can Rock Me“.

Watching this man at work on the guitar was truly an honor to behold.  Schenker was full of smiles through the whole set with obvious appreciation for a crowd that has followed this legend through his entire 50 year career.

He even took time to grab his camera and get a few shots of us.

I always say, go see the Legends when you can.  This definitely falls into that category.


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