Pool Stage – 2/8/20

One of the “bucket list” bands on the boat that I thought I’d never get to see. Keel were a huge favorite of mine back in “the day” and I remember (as I’m sure did many) playing “Tears Of Fire” on an endless loop (stop…rewind…play…repeat (fucking cassettes!!!)).  Loved their sound and Ron Keel’s voice.  I thought after Ron headed to Nashville to become the “Metal Cowboy” that the days of Keel would be gone.  Well a few reunion shows here and there, an album a while back and then the wonderful announcement that KEEL would be on board.


Ron Keel – lead vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar

Marc Ferrari – guitar, backing vocals

Bryan Jay – guitar, backing vocals 

Dwain Miller – drums, backing vocals

Geno Arce – bass, backing vocals

I was a bit disappointed, not in the band, but in the sound.  Ron’s voice was drowned out on the Pool Stage and I had to rely on my own wonderful vocals (ha!) for the most part.  But still, finally getting to see them on stage, even though Ron was fully committing a Denim on Denim hate crime, was a wonderful thing.

Frank Hannon (Tesla) came out to lend some vocals.

Side Story… Followed Marc Ferrari off the plane back in LA and it was an honor to watch true New York anger in action as the idiots at LAX sent us and a few others on a ridiculous maze around the airport to find our baggage.

Full Show 1 Keel Gallery: Here

Full Show 2 Keel Gallery: Here

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