Pool Stage – 2/11/20

Talk about underrated bands. The only thing you should know about Kings X is that on the Monsters of Rock Cruise during their sets, they’re the band that the rest of the musicians who AREN’T playing at that time are watching. This Trio who have always shirked normal rock riffs for a more progressive, groove laden sound are still mesmerizing after all these years.

dUg Pinnick (bass), Ty Tabor (guitar) and Jerry Gaskill (drums) have a catalog where every release is met with critical acclaim and luke warm sales and it’s a damn pity. Three absolute masters of their craft that collectively make a bigger sound than most 5 piece bands.  

From the soul of dUg’s voice, through the tone of Ty’s guitar, to the intensity of Jerry’s drumming, this band create an amazing harmony of sound that is hypnotic.


I encourage everybody to venture down the wormhole into the realms of Kings X.  Because I dig this band so much I’m going to include a link to their first 5 albums for only $20. Get them HERE. I get nothing from this except the joy of knowing that more people get to experience the brilliance of this band.

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