Bahamas Baybee! To get off the boat or to not get off the boat..  That was the question.

I did! I’m glad I did at least to see what CoCoCay was all about.  I must say, it looks WAY more fun on the Royal Caribbean Commercials that are blasted into my face on TV at a way too rapid rate.  But I did enjoy a leisurely walk around the island and actually enjoyed taking a moment to sit down and stare into the ultra blue waters for a while. 

On the island I bought some trinkets, had lunch with a few friends, saw some seagulls murder a plate of food that an unwitting victim had left unattended for 5 seconds, and then checked out a very large cock. (No, I did not see Evan Radford on the Island)

A Very Large Cock

After a quick walk around CocoCay I had to make it back to the Boat to catch…

Crazy Lixx (Pool Stage)

Crazy Lixx! The first of 3 Swedish bands that I caught on Day 2 and for my money one of the most fun (funnest?!) bands on the boat.  I did the usual search around YouTube for their songs prior to the cruise and enjoyed them, but the live setting is where it’s at for them.

Crazy Lixx have only been around for 10 years, but bring a ton of swagger and do a great job of emulating some of the great 80’s bands that used to rule the Sunset Strip. The band are so much fun that for their second show I put down the camera, grabbed a cocktail and just enjoyed their whole set.

Crazy Lixx at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist

Nestor (Royal Theater)

Nestor, another Swedish band that were a late addition to the cruise and a pleasant surprise indeed. Nestor arrived on the scene in 1989 just when the world was discarding their type of music (OUR TYPE OF MUSIC!) and after one album and a few EPs, took a 30 plus year hiatus. (It happens).

Besides their very distinct fashion sense, a highlight for me was getting to see my friend Gabbie Rae make her first appearance on stage with the band for a duet of their song, “Tomorrow“. The song was originally recorded with Singer (And former Page 3 Model) Samantha Fox, but as Gabbie does with everything she touches, this version was gold.

Lit (Sail-Away Band) (Pool Stage)

MORC always adds acts that are a little left of center for the target audience and so far almost all of them have knocked it out of the park.(see. Rose Tattoo in 2019, Lizzy Borden in 2020) and Lit being more of an alternative 90’s band, turned out to be no exception to that rule. This sail away from CocoCay band had a bunch of the 80’s rockers checking them out from the side of the stage and for a band that didn’t garner a lot of attention prior to the cruise, that sure changed in an instant.  

A ton of fun with “bouncy” songs that kept the crowd engaged. A great rockstar-of-old type of performance from singer A. Jay Popoff (adorned in a Leopard skin patterned jacket and shades) made this one of the shows of the cruise.

Lit at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist

Eclipse (Studio B)

I remember Eclipse being way more dynamic the last time I saw them.  Not that this was a bad show by any means, but I think with singer, Erik Mårtensson handling rhythm guitar duties center stage for most of the show, it took away from some of the energy I remember from my initial impression of them on the 2019 MORC.

Highlight of this set was watching drummer, Philip Crusner, having one hell of a good time behind the kit.

Eclipse at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist

Slaughter (Studio B)

There’s an argument that can be made and a debate ignited about bands continuing with singers who aren’t able to do what we expect them to do. Not gonna lie, Mark’s vocals, at least the last few times I’ve seen the band, are more of a distraction at times.  I love the Slaughter catalog and I really enjoy the performance. But at times it can be a bit difficult to listen to. When I’m in the pit shooting I get being caught up in the frenzy and excitement of the band hitting the stage while I sing along.  But when I stepped back and watched from the back of the venue it was glaringly obvious. 

I love Slaughter.  I love the band.  Damn, Dana, Blando and Will (and Mark on guitar) are incredible live.  But the vocals were strained and off key at times and I did a lot of wincing.

Slaughter at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist

Dangerous Toys (Royal Theater)

Another band that I have always missed due to circumstance, I finally had my chance to get two doses of Dangerous Toys on the Cruise.  The wait was worth it.  Fun band that sounded great.  Although never reaching super star status, I always thought that DT had something a little different than other similar sized bands of their time.  Their live show is a ton of fun and it marked another appearance from Rhino Bucket’s Georg Dolivo who was “Sport’n A Woody” with the Toys.

Dangerous Toys at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist

Tokyo Motor Fist (Pool Stage)


Appearance number two from Ted Poley, this time with Tokyo Motor Fist. What’s not to love about the combo of Ted, Steve Brown, Greg Smith and Chuck Burgi. (with Chris McCoy on Keys)

Along with choices from TMF’s two album we get selections from Nugent, Trixter and Danger Danger to compliment the set.

Tokyo Motor Fist at Monsters of Rock Cruise 2022 Setlist


Jeff Scott Soto (Studio B)

The last show of day 2 for me was a great one.  Although billed as SOTO on the schedule, this was definitely a Jeff Scott Soto solo show. Jeff and band including guitarist extraordinaire for hire, Howie Simon, ran through a bunch of songs that Jeff had recorded through out his career in his many bands. Including W.E.T., SOTO, Talisman, Sons Of Apollo and the fictitious Steel Dragon. 

Although this show wasn’t as extensive as his second one a few days later (That included a ton of guests), getting to hear Jeff’s incredible vocals are always a treat and as usual, he didn’t disappoint.

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