When Legends Rise Tour

Special Guests: Halestorm & Monster Truck

Toyota Arena – Ontario, CA – 10/13/19

Review/Pictures: Diane Lynn 

Regardless of how your weekend went if you ended it on Sunday evening by attending the Godsmack concert then your weekend was epic!  


Godsmack brought their When Legends Rise tour to the Toyota Arena last Sunday and they just about blew the roof off of the place! The parking lot was already filling up when I arrived…two hours before the doors opened. Godsmack and Halestorm tunes were being blasted from the parked cars as friends gathered to “tailgate” before the show. You never would have guessed this was a Sunday night! 

As I walked into the arena, I could feel the anticipation in the air. I just knew this was going to be BIG! The fans were grabbing their Concert Tees and other souvenirs early not wanting to miss a second of the show when it started.   
As the stage was being set for Godsmack a large curtain with their famous logo covered the front of the stage and everyone kept their eyes on it eagerly waiting for it to drop!  

The set started with a bang, the curtain dropped, the lights flashed and there was a rush from the stage that for a second took your breath away.  

The band started us off with When Legends Rise then straight into Say My Name, Cryin’ like a Bitch and then Voodoo. The fans were showing their appreciation with whistles and shout outs to Sully and the rest of the band. Yes, I even heard a few fans shouting “I love you Sully” in between songs.    
There were no pyro effects for this show as had been for previous stops on this tour but the energy coming from the band was blazing enough! Sully used every bit of the stage, moving from the left side of the arena to the right, singing and pointing to the fans. He didn’t leave out one section of screaming rockers, even encouraging the few who were not already standing to get up and join in on the mega rock show that was happening!  

Mid way through the set the crew rolled out a second drum kit with Sully hoping up on it for an awesome drum-off with Shannon Larkin. They sampled AC/DC’s Back in Black, Walk This Way from Aerosmith and even touched on Bonzo’s Montreux from the legendary John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. The kits were up on mini round stages that moved around, turning in circles a few times while they were playing. It was amazing to watch these two “battling it out” on stage, definitely a highlight of the show! 

Sully Erna is a commanding presence on stage, singing and keeping rhythm on guitar all while keeping the crowd on their feet and in tune with the music. Bassist Robbie Merrill plucking out those heavy bass beats that are so present in every Godsmack tune. Lead Guitarist Tony Rombola keeping a mellow vibe on his side of the stage while still setting our faces on fire with his piercing guitar riffs and Drummer Shannon Larkin keeping us in awe with his high sticks and pounding hits.  

During the last part of the set they brought out a beautiful grand piano for Sully to perform Under Your Scars. This song is of course linked to The Scars Foundation that was started by Sully and Godsmack. This foundation is dedicated to helping raise awareness of the mental issues that seems to touch the lives of so many people around us.   

Most of the set list was dedicated to their most recent album, When Legends Rise ending with an instrumental sampling of the Beatles song “Come Together mixed withStairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin then leaving us with I Stand Alone. 



When Legends Rise 
Say My Name 
Cryin’ Like a Bitch 
Take it to the Edge 
Something Different 
Keep Away 
Dueling Drum Solo 
Under Your Scars 
A Sampling of  
Come Together – Beatles and Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin 
I Stand Alone 

The setlist was the best of the best, they would have to play for days to include all of the fan favorites, but I think what they covered was perfect. Sully and the guys really do know how to put on a great Arena Rock Show! Even without the pyro, this was one great concert and I can’t wait to catch them next time around!  


Halestorm was the direct opener and put on one hell of a show! Also touring in support of their latest album, 2018’s “Vicious”, Lzzy Hale and Halestorm opened with Do Not Disturb then quickly going into Love Bites and I Get Off 

It’s far and few between that we see a female fronted band taking the rock world by storm but that is exactly what Halestorm seems to have done and it’s nice to see a lady rocker putting on an arena show of this caliber.   
With a heavy fan base of what seems to be made up of both male a female fans Halestorm has the talent, the tunes and appeal to all genders to be a main player for a long time.  

It was my first time seeing Halestorm live and I was not disappointed at all! Lzzy is a powerhouse singer with a talent for turning out hit songs. She’s backed by equally talented musicians such as her brother Arejay Hale on Drums who early on in the set treated us to a killer drum solo, ending it with some of the biggest drum sticks I’ve ever seen! Bassist Josh Smith and Guitarist Joe Hottinger sharing the spotlight with Lzzy and bringing the music together with those deep bass licks and heavy guitar riffs. 



Do Not Disturb 
Love Bites 
I Get Off 
Freak Like Me 
Familiar Taste of Poison 
Drum Solo 
Black Vultures 
Here’s to Us 
I Miss the Misery 

All of this packed into about an hour long set. They came, they played, and they kicked our asses with some great music! It looks like Halestorm has one more stop in the US before heading out on a winter tour with stops in France, Germany and several in the UK before heading to Japan and Australia. Keep them on your radar for a show near you, it’s one you don’t want to miss!  

Monster Truck

 Monster Truck was a first up and hit us with a heavy dose of southern rock, something unexpected from a band out of Hamilton Ontario-Canada. Touring on their 2018 album True Rockers they definitely know how to bring it to the stage. They only performed seven songs but left a lasting impression.  

Monster Truck Line Up     

Jon Harvey – Lead singer and Bassist 
Jeremy Widerman – Guitarist 
Brandon Bliss – Keyboardist 
Steve Kiely – Drums 



Don’t Tell me How to Live 
Sweet Mountain River 
Country Livin’ 
Those Mountains 
For the Sun 
For the Lion 

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Monster Truck

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