Skumlove – Whisky a Go Go – Friday, May 11, 2018

Teresa Schachtel was On Scene and Heard…

The Sinister Minister, Skum Love hit the stage as direct support for Orgy at the world famous Whisky A Go Go Friday night with his “bad boy” band to give his fans exactly what they needed… a set of debauchery and hard core industrial style music that was sure to awaken the sinner in even the most saintful onlooker.

With the drop of their new single “Devil May Sing” on May 15, which they put out themselves, The Whisky was the perfect fit to showcase a new stage show.

I must say that being at a Skumlove show is a little bit of a naughty and unique experience. The go go dancers are dressed up as sexy nuns who give a filthy grind while giving out communion to the audience…now that’s talent! Watch out, they just may slap you with a ruler, if it doesn’t get caught in their fishnet stockings first!

Skum’s band is theatrically dressed in his signature look of priest collars and kilts. Which always leads one to the age old question of “What do men really wear under their kilts?” His band is Garrison Fagro (guitar), Matt Robinson (bass), and Francisco Zamudio (drums). And then there’s the man himself, Skum… who has infected crowds in hope of eternal damnation. Skum’s presence is much like a cult leader. His on- stage charisma and high energy draws an audience in with a smooth and coercive style with songs such as “I Am Your God,” “New Perversion,” and my favorite, “Anti American Idol.”

A veteran of the music scene, Skum has worked with just about everyone, including members of Prong, Soulfly, Fear Factory, Ministry, and heralding the title of “Production Manager” of Danzig . He also hosts and DJ’s the famous “RAHK live band Karaoke” at Skinny’s on Wednesday nights in North Hollywood. He’s undeniably unstoppable. I felt a little dirty when I left…but a “good kind of dirty” with his songs humming and echoing in my head for days afterward. And I’m pretty sure that’s exactly his goal…With great merch and even his own comic book, It is truly a perverted, fun, and heart poundingly holy experience that is a definite L.A. “Must See!”

Stage Pictures: Jim Morris

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